Day 1: The Current State of Science and Management

  • An equal mix of short presentations and discussions from academics/scientists and outdoor recreation planners and managers.
  • Guided field trips to observe case studies of successes and challenges in sustainable recreation management.

Day 2: The Future of Science and Management

  • Facilitated workshops on key issues defining the science and management of outdoor recreation in the American West. The goals of the workshops are to: 1) identify key trend shaping outdoor recreation; and 2) identify ways that outdoor recreation planners and managers have addressed, or can address, these key issues. In short—how can recent research help us address pressing management challenges, and how are these challenges being overcome in the field?

Agenda At A Glance

Time SUNDAY, Nov 7 MonDAY, Nov 8 TUESDAY, NoV  9
 Early Morning  --  Opening General Session  General Session: Panel Discussion
 Mid Morning  --  Individual Research Presentations  Individual Research Presentations + Research Focus Area Workshops
 Lunch  --  Lunch on your own  Lunch on the Saguaro Lawn
 Early Afternoon  --  Individual Research Presentations  Research Focus Area Workshops
 Late Afternoon  --  Field Visits  Research Focus Area Workshops
 Evening  Cowboy Cookout at Cottonwood Grove  Field Visits  Departure

Detailed Agenda

Monday, November 8, 2021

8:00 Opening Remarks .
8:15 Keynote Address:
Kelly Bricker
Director, HAITC
Professor, Arizona State University
9:00 Break .
Understanding Wildlife-based Outdoor Recreationists
A social-ecological systems framework for recreation-wildlife interactions
Anna B. Miller (Utah State University)

Angling Opportunities in Utah
Will Rempel (Utah State University)

The Kenai River Fishery as a Social-Ecological System
Chase Lamborn (Utah State University)
Emerging Methods and Data
Using Online Trip Reports to Understand Visitor Experiences and Inform Management Actions that Foster Connection to Place
Melanie Armstrong (Western Colorado University)

Sonoran Insiders: A Social Media Ambassador Program Designed for Elevating Responsible Natural Resource Use Messaging to the Public
Aireona Bonnie Raschke (Central Arizona Conservation Alliance)

Using narrative to explore and communicate recreation experience and values: Digital storytelling and story-mapping in the Pole Mountain Unit of the Medicine Bow National Forest
Logan Stefanich (University of Wyoming)

Revisiting and Revitalizing the NSRE for Local Application
Wayde Morse (Auburn University)
10:45 Break .
Issues of Access
Reservations in the NPS Units: System Overview and the Case of Glacier National Park
Elena Bigart (University of Montana)

Evaluating a Ticketed-Entry System at Glacier National Park
Iree Wheeler (Utah State University)

Visitor Survey to Inform Park Planning and Reservations in Zion National Park
Jeremy Sage (University of Montana)
Understanding Visitors
An Assessment of Backcountry Visitation to the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Caleb Meyer (Utah State University)

Motivations and Spatial Behavior of OHV Recreationists: A Case-Study from Central Utah (USA)
Bettina Spernbauer (Utah State University)

Integrating Hiker Physiological and Socio-psychological Heat Related Risks in Outdoor Recreation Management
Floris Wardenaar & Megha Budruk (Arizona State University)
12:30 Lunch on your own .
1:30 Depart for Field Visits .

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

8:00 Panel Discussion: Women and Leadership in Outdoor Recreation Research and Management
Anna B. Miller, Utah State University
Troy Hall, Oregon State University
Ashley D'Antonio, Oregon State University
Aireona Bonnie Raschke, Central Arizona Conservation Alliance
9:15 Break .
Stakeholder Engagement in Outdoor Recreation Systems
Nature Tourism, Sustainability, and Community Resilience: A Quick Tool to Gather Community Stakeholder Aspirations
Wayde Morse (Auburn University)

Cross-jurisdictional Sustainable Recreation Planning and Place-based Collaboratives: Case Examples at Different Scales
Tahnee Robertson (Southwest Decision Resources)

Joe's Valley: Sustainably Integrating the Needs of Diverse Stakeholders
Rowe Zwahlen (Utah State University)
Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic
Who Did the Pandemic Introduce to Outdoor Rec and Who Will Remain Engaged? Results of a National Panel Study
William Rice (University of Montana)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Visitation and Management at Utah National Parks
Kelly Goonan (Southern Utah University)

The GNAR Initiative- Supporting and Enhancing Gateway Communities through the COVID-19 Pandemic
Liz Sodja (Utah State University)
11:00 Break .
11:00 WORKSHOP 1 (Part 1 - Key Trends) WORKSHOP 2 (Part 1 - Key Trends)
National Trends, Interests, and Strategic Efforts Underway to Support Outdoor Recreation Implementing Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic into Policy, Management, and Promotion Efforts
12:30 Lunch on the Saguaro Lawn  .
1:30 WORKSHOP 1 (Part 1 - Paths Forward) WORKSHOP 2 (Part 1 - Paths Forward)
National Trends, Interests, and Strategic Efforts Underway to Support Outdoor Recreation Implementing Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic into Policy, Management, and Promotion Efforts
3:00 Depart .