Basecamp 2021

The Science of Outdoor Recreation Management in the American West

Basecamp 2021 Conference and Workshop

Tucson, Arizona

November 7-9, 2021

Basecamp is a conference and workshop for outdoor recreation managers, non-profit organizations, researchers, and students to share information on sustaining outdoor recreation resources in the American West while building the region’s recreation economy.

The gathering offers an opportunity to share new research. It also includes dedicated workshops for collaboratively defining the West’s most pressing outdoor recreation research needs by revisiting and refining the Research Focus Areas developed since the Igniting the Science of Outdoor Recreation Initiative's Sustainable Recreation Research Workshop, held in Golden, CO in 2018.

The discussions, ideas, and writing shared at Basecamp will be disseminated through videos of individual presentations and a General Technical Report that builds on Igniting Research for Outdoor Recreation: Linking Science, Policy, and Action (the General Technical Report generated as a result of the Sustainable Recreation Research Workshop.